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Skincare Tips for your Scalp

If you’re suffering with more bad hair days than good, the problem might lie in how you’re treating your scalp. Treat it to a skincare routine that will give it some TLC. 

When was the last time you treated your complexion to a face mask, scrub or double cleanse?

It’s likely that you did one (or even all) of these in the past week – but have you ever considered pampering your scalp in the same way?

A little bit of effort here will have a major impact on the condition of your scalp, treating and preventing dandruff, while also improving how your hair looks and feels.

Luckily, looking after your scalp is easy…

Step 1: Cleanse cleverly 

Just like the skin on your face, your scalp can get very dirty. Think about the amount of grime that’s left on your face cloth after cleansing at the end of the day – the same level of dirt can get onto your scalp, too.

Your scalp is prone to oiliness at the best of times, as your hair follicles produce a natural oil called sebum which helps to moisturise your hair and scalp.

But when the oils build up and combine with the dirt and grime of the day, you can end up with a very greasy scalp which in turn makes your hair look lacklustre and dull.

Regular washing will help you get a greasy scalp in check, but a clever way to make your shampoo work even harder is with scalp massage.

Every time you wash your hair, take a minute or two to give your scalp a nice rub down: using medium pressure, make circles and lines around your head with the tips of your fingers.

This improves blood flow to the area and can help improve the appearance of your hair, making it look thicker and shinier.

Step 2: Exfoliate 

Any glowy-skinned goddess will know that exfoliation works wonders to soften dry skin and the same is true for dry scalp.

It can be especially helpful if you use a lot of styling products that can build up on the scalp and you have extended time between washes.

Just like you exfoliate the skin on your face, your scalp can also benefit from a gentle scrub. Think of all of the hairspray, dry shampoo or mousse that’s accumulated, not to mention dead skin. This can make hair feel dirty and prevent strands from moving so they ‘sit’ at the root and lie flat.

You can exfoliate your scalp easily with either a brush or fine comb. Simply brush around your scalp at the roots – just be sure to be gentle as harsh or strong force can damage the scalp and your hair.

Step 3: Hydrate 

Using a conditioner on the scalp to help moisturise the skin is often considered a no-no because it’s thought to clog pores or weigh down finer hair textures.

However, just like dry skin on your face needs moisturiser, a dry scalp benefits from hydration, too.

Make sure that, when you wash your hair, you apply conditioner directly to your scalp as well as to the ends of your hair (making sure you rinse it off thoroughly to avoid greasy roots).

Giving your scalp this kind of targeted hydration will help manage any scalp discomfort from dryness.

And if you choose Head & Shoulder’s conditioner, you’ll give your scalp a healthy dose of antioxidants – offering long-lasting dandruff control and protection, and healthier, better-looking hair.