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Clinically ProvenSolutions, a discontinued collection, was a line-up of selenium sulphide shampoos designed to cure stubborn dandruff and scratching. Clinically proven anti-dandruff and scalp relief shampoo had a selenium sulphide formula to fight stubborn dandruff. Designed specifically for stubborn dandruff and flakes.

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Clinically Proven Solutions Dandruff Shampoo

Designed specifically for stubborn dandruff, tough on flakes. Provided gentle moisturization too, with a fresh scent to leave your hair soft, healthy-looking and smelling great.

head and shoulders clinically proven solutions shampoo

Clinically Proven Solutions Scalp Relief Shampoo

Selenium sulphide shampoo to fight the head scratching caused by stubborn dandruff. Designed to fight flaking, dryness and tight scalp

head and shoulders scalp relief shampoo

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