Ending plastic pollution: Our partnership with National Geographic and Global Citizen

National Geographic has long been at the forefront of action to protect our planet and we’re thrilled to work with them on an issue that’s more important than ever: ocean plastic pollution.

Ending plastic pollution

Procter & Gamble (our parent company), along with Global Citizen, have partnered with National Geographic to produce a 6-part documentary series called ACTIVATE.

Each episode focuses on a key environmental issue of our time, ranging from disaster relief to criminalising poverty and reducing plastic waste. The series aims to draw attention to these issues and inspire people to get involved.

A special episode will focus on how we can prevent plastic pollution and will feature musician Pharrell Williams and actor Darren Criss.

In the episode, Darren will travel to the Philippines to support a campaign which aims to convince three mayors to make their cities zero-waste.

Meanwhile, experts will explain how plastic pollution disproportionately affects people who live in developing countries, and how they are trying to solve the problem around the world. Fishing families in the Philippines will also explain how plastic pollution affects them directly.

Ending plastic pollution: Our partnership with National Geographic and Global Citizen

Our beach plastic bottle

Reducing the amount of plastic that reaches our oceans is a topic that is close to our hearts.

Over the last few years we’ve been working with organisations like Terracycle, SUEZ, World Oceans Day and hundreds of NGOs to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the sea.

We started by organising beach clean ups to gather up trash on the beach. Using innovative new technology, we were able to recycle the plastic we gathered and turn it into the world’s first ever recyclable shampoo bottle made from beach plastic.

Over 1 million bottles have been made in more than ten countries around the world, diverting over six tonnes of plastic from our oceans.

We know that this is just a small step towards tackling the issue of plastic pollution, so we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our footprint.

We are now making our shampoo bottles in Europe with 25%* recycled plastic and we have pledged to significantly increase our use of recycled resin by 2025. We are also exploring other ways to make our operations more environmentally friendly through sustainable manufacturing practices.

How to watch the ACTIVATE series

The episode will be aired on the National Geographic channel across Europe at the following times, so make sure to tune in.

  • UK: 4th October at 10:00pm
  • France: 4th October at 10:20pm
  • Spain: 5th October at 9:30pm
  • Germany: 6th October at 9:50pm
  • Russia: 7th October at 10:00pm
  • Italy: 10th October at 10:55pm

The full series begins on 5th September and further details of all the episodes can be found on the National Geographic website.

*excluding the cap