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Shaving head: how to properly shave head?


Senior beauty scientist

Looking to shave your head at home? Being bald and buzzed cuts have become popular over the years for men and women of all ages. But did you know shaving your head can present new scalp care challenges? Keep reading to find out more…

For the past several years, the peak of spring has seen an uptick in the trend of bald heads and buzzed cuts. For many, the buzzed cut or a bald scalp is a good go-to look when a trip to the barber is not an option. While this look is trendy, and appealing to the eyes, a bald head or a buzzed cut can bring on new challenges leaving people feeling exposed and unsure how to care for it.

Exposed? A scalp that is normally covered with hair is primarily protected from the sun, especially if it is dark hair. However, when the hair is buzzed or the hair and scalp are shaved off completely, the scalp is exposed to more insults than normal such as the sun when you go out for a much-needed break outside. This exposure can leave the scalp feeling dry.

Added to that, the simple act of shaving your head alone can also leave the skin feeling dry. The after shave can leave you scratching your head which is quite normal. And, if your scalp itches when your hair grows back, you’re not alone. This is a common sensation.

All of these changes that are brought on by a new look can leave you searching for a solution to ease the itch and dryness and protect your scalp. Here are some simple tips that will help to do that.

An old man with grey hair and beard looking at his hairline in the mirror.

Tips for shaving head 

  • Choose products that will help moisturize and lubricate your scalp before and during your shave.

  • If you’re going for a bald scalp, use a razor that will provide a close shave while at the same time not disrupting the skin’s natural barrier. When this happens, the skin can easily lose the much-needed moisture and feel dry and sensitive.

  • If you have longer hair, start first by cutting the longer hair with clippers or scissors. Then moisturize/lubricate the scalp with water and a protective product. Shaving a non-lubricated scalp can be especially damaging to the skin, resulting in cuts.

  • If you have a buzzed cut or a shaved scalp, be sure to use scalp care shampoos that have scalp care actives which can help to bring balance to the scalp and deliver much needed moisture which can protect the skin from itch, dryness and even flaking. It’s recommended to wash with a moisturizing scalp care product, like Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture immediately after you shave or buzz your hair. This can add a protective shield on the scalp delivered by scalp care actives which address the itch, dryness and potential flaking.

  • If your scalp is itchy, be sure not to scratch it with your fingernails. This can do more damage than good, creating even more insult to skin that has been compromised by shaving your head.

  • If you’re out for a walk in the sun, it is recommended to use a breathable cap or a sun protection cream to protect your scalp from the sun.

  • Lastly, don’t forget to regularly care for the scalp. As the hair grows back, so does the scalp’s naturally occurring sensitivity, which brings about added concerns if you are prone to experience dandruff. Head & Shoulders scalp actives help to counteract the effects of the sensitivity, preventing the appearance of flakes, itch, and dryness.

So, now you know how to shave your head, your new look doesn’t have to bring about new challenges. With proper scalp care, a gentle shave and a careful buzz cut, itch, dryness and an exposed scalp won’t be one of your concerns.