Whether it’s just for an evening or every day, most of us have wanted our hair straight at some point.

But while flat irons might be effective, they use potentially damaging heat to do the job.

You can help minimize the damage with a good protective shampoo like Head & Shoulders. Our smoothing shampoo in particular will give you a head start on keeping your hair straight and frizz free.

Before you pick up the hair straightener, give our articles a browse to make sure you’re giving your hair its best chance to shine.

How to avoid dandruff when flat ironing

Flat ironing can’t cause dandruff – that’s down to a fungus, called malassezia.

But in those who do suffer from dandruff, the damage to your scalp that excess heat can cause could harm your scalp and potentially trigger a flare up.

Follow our tips to make sure you get the straight hair you want without unwanted side-effects.

How flat ironing can damage your hair and scalp

It may seem counterintuitive: you use a flat iron to make your hair look great, but in the long run it makes things worse.

That’s because the same heat that makes it possible for the flat iron to straighten your hair can also damage its structure, leaving it brittle and prone to breakage.

The pulling motion of straightening can also stress out your scalp, if you’re not careful.

Luckily with our help you can get the look without all the damage.

The hidden dangers of hair straighteners

You know by now how flat irons and hair straighteners can damage your scalp, but are there other hidden dangers you might not be aware of?

In this article we’ll break it all down for you, as well as how to keep your hair healthy, happy, and flake-free.*

(*visible flakes with regular use)