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Is Head & Shoulders Phosphate, Paraffin And Paraben Free?

We think everyone should be able to easily find out about the ingredients in their favourite shampoo and conditioner. We are often asked about paraffin, phosphates and parabens. 

Bottles of Citrus Fresh Shampoo, Classic Clean Shampoo and Apple Fresh Shampoo on a yellow table, on a navy blue background

We are committed to choosing only the most effective ingredients – and only those with a brilliant safety record - in our products, so that you don’t have to worry about them.

If you’d like to know more about what ingredients we use, take a look at our ingredients hub, but let’s start with some that we don’t use.

Is Head & Shoulders paraben free?

You won’t find any parabens in Head & Shoulders DERMA&PURE shampoos and conditioners. Parabens are a commonly used preservative that you might see in other beauty products, but you’ll never see them in ours.

Is Head & Shoulders Phosphate-free?

There is no phosphate in Head & Shoulders DERMA&PURE range.

Instead, we’ve focused on giving you really effective dandruff protection and great looking hair thanks to our anti-dandruff active which is gentle on the scalp and allows for deep conditioning.

Its antioxidant formula helps prevent early signs of dandruff including:

The antioxidant formula works to combat everyday ‘oxidative stressors’ – or, to you and me, environmental factors like weather and pollution that can affect your hair and scalp.

Is Head & Shoulders paraffin-free?

Yes. Developed by experts, Head & Shoulders DERMA&PURE is pH balanced, dermatologically tested, and suitable for dyed hair, with no paraffin.

Head & Shoulders takes care of bringing you good ingredients so that you can concentrate on enjoying fresh and clean hair.

Find out more about what’s in the bottle when you buy Head & Shoulders.