We’re very happy to announce the launch of our brand new shampoo and conditioner formula, which has been specially designed to stop dandruff in its tracks earlier than ever before.

hS UK Classic Clean shampoo

At Head & Shoulders, we are always working to improve our products and make them the best they can be.

After all, it’s in our heritage – back in the sixties, our founder Dr Parran Jr and his team worked for over ten years to develop our very first formula.

Since then, new technologies have allowed us to make more and more improvements to our shampoos and conditioners, and add in extra benefits so they’re even nicer to use.

The new derma & pure formula fights early signs of dandruff– like itch, oil and dryness –and targets them before flakes even appear.

Put simply, our new formula stops dandruff before it shows!

What’s changed?

The good news is that our formula has got even better.

We’re using a new active ingredient in all our shampoos and conditioners which is more soluble.

That might not sound like a big deal, but actually it allows us to include more of other important ingredients like moisturisers.

The result? A formula that takes even better care of your hair and the skin on your scalp, whilst still helping to get rid of dandruff flakes, dryness, oil and itching.

Taking out unnecessary ingredients

At Head & Shoulders we believe that everyone who uses our products should be able to easily find out exactly what goes into them – you can find a breakdown of what’s in the bottle for each of our ranges.

We’re finding that more and more of our consumers are interested in products which don’t contain certain ingredients, like some preservatives and colourants.

Improvements in technology now mean that these ingredients aren’t needed in many of our products. And if we don’t need it, we take it out!

Our new DERMA&PURE formula* does not contain:

  • Parabens
  • Phosphates
  • Paraffins

Simply because they don’t need to be there.

Introducing our new conditioner

Our conditioner formula has also undergone a revamp.

When used together, our shampoo and conditioner are the perfect dandruff-fighting duo to get rid of the signs of dandruff whilst also giving you gorgeous, healthy-looking hair.

That’s because alongside all the hair-loving ingredients you’d expect from your favourite conditioner, we’ve also added our active ingredient to take care of your scalp.

Many conditioners can wash away the active ingredient deposited on your scalp by your anti-dandruff shampoo, but our conditioner, which contains an active ingredient that works on your scalp, reinforces your protection while still giving you soft, touchable hair.

Our new formula has been many years in the making – we hope you love it as much as we do.

*Excludes Supreme and Men Ultra ranges