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What is a clarifying shampoo and why men need it?

Most men stick to a shampoo and conditioner routine, and not much else. Find out why you should add a clarifying shampoo to the mix.

A clarifying shampoo is one that cleans even deeper than most usual shampoos.

People say these shampoos aren't supposed to be used too often - they're a once or twice a month addition to your wash.

But most men probably don’t see the point; why add an extra step when you already use shampoo and conditioner?

Why use clarifying shampoo 

Every moment, your scalp is busy producing natural oils. 

These oils have a purpose: they help moisturise and protect both your scalp and hair. 

But your scalp can have too much of a good thing. 

Especially if you’re active or use a lot of styling products, you can quickly become subject to buildup of oils and dirt on your scalp.

If that happens, it can cause itching and flakes – in dandruff sufferers, it can cause a flare-up. 

For an extra deep clean, add a deep cleansing shampoo to your usual routine once every few weeks. 

What does clarifying shampoo do? 

Because of their deep cleaning formula, shampoos like Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Men Ultra with Charcoal are able to dislodge buildup and help restore the natural balance of your hair and scalp.

With the addition of menthol, you’ll even leave the house with a fresher feeling scalp than you thought possible.

Head & Shoulders goes even further: our clarifying shampoo helps purify pores by removing irritants.

And our pH balanced formula is gentle enough for everyday use, so you can use it more regularly.

All good reasons to detox your hair and scalp with the anti-dandruff and deep cleansing power of Head & Shoulders with charcoal.