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What is Shampoo Lather?

Shampoo lather is part of what makes washing your hair a pleasant experience, but what exactly creates this lather and what is it for?

Zoomed Head&Shoulders Classic Clean Bottle with a foam on it.

What creates lather? 

Lather is basically bubbles of air surrounded by a liquid- the diluted shampoo. How much a particular shampoo lathers, and what the lather is like, depends on the ingredients used – not all shampoos create a lot of lather.

The cleansing agents, or ‘surfactants’ in a shampoo are what keep the bubbles stable, so they don’t pop as quickly or easily.

When you add water and massage the shampoo into your hair and scalp, you mix air into the diluted shampoo, creating the lather. The surfactants help the air bubbles stay dissolved (un-popped) inside the diluted shampoo.

Head&Shoulders Classic Clean bottle lying on the water surface.

Why is lather important? 

Think of washing your hair like washing dishes – you wouldn’t want to wash your greasy dishes without soap; it wouldn’t be very effective, because oil and water don’t mix.

In shampoos, the surfactant lather cleans by helping dissolve things that can’t be dissolved in water on their own.

Rich, creamy lather is not only enjoyable to use, but also helps the cleansing agents to spread easily across your scalp, in-between fibres and down the length of your hair, for a thorough clean.

Head & Shoulders Nourishing Hair & Scalp Care Shampoo with lavender essence creates a luscious lather that cleanses and nourishes your scalp and hair, while leaving your hair beautifully flake-free.*

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* visible flakes with regular use