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Suffering from dry, flaky scalp?

We got you! Itchy, dry and flaky scalp can be very uncomfortable, but don’t worry, the good news is there are lots of dry, flaky scalp treatments out there now and they look much cooler than the old dandruff shampoo bottles that you used to remember. But first, let’s try and understand just what causes the underlying issues.

What is dry, flaky scalp and what causes it?

Have you ever asked yourself “why is my scalp so dry?”. It may sound weird, but your scalp is actually home to lots of microscopic tenants. One of these is a fungus called Malassezia that can be especially problematic for some people.

Our scalps produce sebum, an oil which helps lubricate dry skin, to protect and stop our hair from getting too dry or brittle. Malassezia can harm skin by breaking down scalp oils into harmful products like oleic acid. This irritates skin and triggers that familiar flaking and dryness sensation. When this happens, a simple moisturising shampoo is not enough. In fact, only an anti-dandruff shampoo with a clinically proven active ingredient, like new Head & Shoulders DERMA XPRO can target the real root cause of your discomfort and rid you of the problem for good. All you need to do is just click add to cart. Trust us: your flaky scalp (and dandruff covered clothes) will thank you later.

The Soothing Comfort Collection products standing on crannied surfaces next to slices of cut aloe

Dry, Flaky Scalp Treatment

...or How to Care for Your Scalp in 3 Easy Steps

We created DERMA XPRO a simple three-step skincare inspired ritual, enriched with aloe vera, vitamin E and powered by a clinically proven active ingredient, that doesn’t just moisturise skin, it replenishes it!

Find out how to get rid of dry, flaky scalp with new Head & Shoulders DERMA XPRO

#1: Dry, Flaky Scalp Shampoo: Gentle Cleansing with our DERMA XPRO Shampoo

Shampoo bottle

The first step to your best scalp yet is proper cleansing. Why is that? Failure to cleanse properly can lead to issues like clogged pores (which can be very sore) which can exacerbate dandruff and itchiness even more. Use our DERMA Xᴾᴿᴼ shampoo to gently wash your scalp and remove dead skin cell build-up. This prepares your scalp so it can absorb your treatments better. All Head & Shoulders shampoos are powered by a clinically proven active ingredient that helps protect your scalp from dryness, itchiness* and flakes**.

#2: Hair and Scalp Conditioner: Nourishment for Hair and Scalp with our DERMA XPRO conditioner

Next on your flaky scalp care agenda: conditioner for both hair and scalp. Using a non-anti-dandruff conditioner can actually reduce protection from dryness and flakes. That’s why our scalp care experts have developed DERMA XPRO hair and scalp conditioners.

Work the DERMA Xᴾᴿᴼ Hair & Scalp Conditioner into your hair, from root to tip, and let it sit for 1-2 minutes allowing the nourishing formula to infuse into the scalp.


#3: Scalp Balm: Extra Protection from Dryness and Flakes with DERMA XPRO scalp balms

Balm bottle

Now you’ve washed your hair and it’s amazing! If you want to give your scalp a little extra oomph and reverse that unfortunate dryness caused by Malassezia, try adding DERMA Xᴾᴿᴼ Scalp Balms into the mix. Each scalp balm in the range is enriched with special skin care ingredients: Vitamin E, Aloe to replenish, soothe and hydrate even the driest scalps. Thanks to the precision nozzle applicator, our new balms can even target your scalp’s driest spots. Apply this wonderful flaky scalp treatment to clean hair, let it sit on your scalp for 3 minutes and then rinse. This will help scalp moisture retention for up to 72 hours!

Top tip to care for your dry scalp: pamper yourself with a luxurious scalp massage

Scalp massages are an incredible dry, flaky scalp treatment: they help improve blood circulation, which can stimulate hair growth. Discover tips for the perfect scalp massage and transform your shower into your personal spa. All you need is our DERMA XPRO scalp balm and your fingers.

Forehead - Place the tips of your fingers on your forehead and massage upwards towards the scalp.

Sides of the scalp - From your temples to the back of your ears, massage upwards towards the top of the scalp with your fingertips.

Back of the head - Place your fingertips on the top of your nape and massage upwards.

Finish - Starting from your temples, hold your head in your palms and push your hands towards the back of the head from the top of each ear and repeat.

Use a hairbrush, your fingers or a special massager. For best results, combine massaging with DERMA XPRO scalp balm.

*itch and dryness related to dandruff
**visible flakes with regular use