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Dry scalp treatment: how to treat dry scalp?

Dry scalp is a really common problem, but it’s so easy to tackle. It feels similar to dry skin elsewhere on the body.

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The Quenching Hydration Collection products (shampoo, conditioner and scalp balm) standing on crannied surfaces next to slice of cut aloe and a piece of coconut with the suggested usage steps

You’ll recognize it from an uncomfortably tight sensation. You might even see redness or skin flaking on the scalp.

It’s usually the result of damage to the outer layer of skin cells, letting moisture escape too easily. Find out what causes a dry scalp and how to treat it.

Dry scalp causes

Dandruff is one major cause of dry scalp – it disrupts the skin’s natural moisture barrier, making it hard for the cells to retain moisture.

Dandruff is also much more common than you might think – studies show 1 out of every 2 people will experience it.

So, treating your scalp for dandruff is often the smartest way to take care of that dry scalp.

Things that make a dry scalp worse include:

  • blasting the hair dryer too close to your scalp and hair

  • using heat stylers close to your scalp

  • excess sun exposure/sunburn

  • harsh styling products that cause irritation

  • skin damage from scratching or rough brushing

  • surprisingly, not washing frequently enough.

To combat a dry scalp, make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that are high in zinc and vitamin B to ensure a healthy head.

Too much heat styling makes your scalp dry and irritated, especially if you have a sensitive scalp.

Your dry scalp can be worsened by the wrong shampoo or incorrect washing technique.

The right hair care routine for a dry scalp:

  1. Wash your hair frequently and thoroughly – build-up of oil, dirt and styling products can cause scalp irritation, which leads to dryness.

  2. Don’t rinse your hair with very hot water – the heat can make the dryness worse.

  3. Limit blow-drying – towel dry your hair before heat styling, and choose the lowest heat setting.

  4. Keep heat styling irons a safe distance from your scalp.

  5. Use a soft brush with rounded bristles on your hair – this way you can ensure you don’t aggravate an irritated scalp by scratching along it.

Dry scalp treatment: the right products for a dry scalp

The products you use are just as important as your hair care routine. Choosing the best dry scalp treatment for you is easy. In fact, there are just 4 things to look out for …

1. Tackle dandruff – yes, really!

Okay, so your first thought is probably that you need to moisturize (see point 2) but really, you need to start with the underlying cause. In many cases, that’s dandruff. If you treat dandruff, you’ll be treating the root cause of the problem so your body can focus on healing the damage.

Without it, your dry scalp problem may keep coming back.

2. Moisturize your scalp

Now for the moisturizer. If you’re tackling the root cause with ananti-dandruff shampoo you can get immediate relief from the dryness by choosing one with added moisturisers.

It means you can give your scalp the extra moisture it needs while your anti-dandruff shampoo gets to work tackling the root cause.

Discover our Derma X Pro Collection, enriched with active Aloe and Vitamin E and powered by a clinically proven anti-dandruff ingredient, Piroctone Olamine. Our formulas, help to reinforce your natural skin barrier and improve moisture retention.

Replenish your scalp with our Repairing Care Anti Dandruff Scalp Balm, which helps to retain moisture and prevent dandruff. Infused with argan oil, avocado oil, active aloes, and vitamin E to restore your scalp’s natural balance.

Nourish your hair and scalp with our Boosting Strength Shampoo for resilient, flake-free lengths. Infused with bamboo extract to help reinforce your natural skin barrier.

3. Clean all the dirt, dust and grime

It’s still a shampoo, so it needs to do what all good shampoos do – keep your hair and scalp clean.

4. Smooth and condition your hair

For great-looking hair, it’s important to condition too, so look out for a dry scalp shampoo that delivers.

Our Derma X Pro Quenching Hydration Shampoo. The added conditioners help to smooth every strand to keep your hair soft and healthy-looking.

And if you prefer a separate conditioner, there’s always our Derma X Pro Replenishing Conditioner that works hand in hand with the shampoo to lock in its dandruff-fighting action so you continue to tackle the root cause.

Our anti-dandruff shampoos have been proven to work against dandruff and you also get extra moisture to provide relief from dryness.

Using Head & Shoulders every time you wash your hair is clinically proven to moisturize your scalp, while fighting dandruff. If your dry scalp doesn’t improve after using Head & Shoulders exclusively for 3 weeks, it might be caused by something other than dandruff.

Talk to your doctor or dermatologist who will prescribe the best course of treatment.