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Science vlogger veritasium reveals the truth behind dandruff

Ever wondered what actually causes dandruff?

Or why only some people experience it, while others never get flakes?

You’re not alone – and seeing as dandruff affects about half of the world’s population, it’s no wonder that quite a few of us are interested in finding out what it is and how to stop it.

At Head & Shoulders HQ in Cincinnati, over 500 scientists and experts have been working for years to answer these questions.

Science vlogger reveals the truth behind dandruff - an image of young men going straight forward to the office building.

With modern technology we’ve been able to delve deeper than ever before into finding out about dandruff on a molecular level, revealing that its cause is a fungus called Malassezia globosa.

Now, we’ve invited top science vlogger Derek Muller, aka Veritasium, to take a look around our facilities and find out exactly what dandruff is.

Science vlogger smelling some medical samples in the lab

With a Phd in Physics Education Research and a YouTube following of nearly 5 million people, he’s the perfect host to take you on a tour of our labs and chat to our most senior scientists about how our research is leading the fight against dandruff.

Watch the video at the top now to find out what the link is between dinosaurs and dandruff!