If you suffer from scalp issues, you’re not alone- most people experience scalp issues like itch, dryness, or flaking. These issues can be frustrating, uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing.

What’s more, scalp issues like dandruff can actually damage your hair. That’s because when your scalp’s not in good condition it's less effective at caring for the growing hair, so the cuticle isn’t formed properly.

So, there are lots of good reasons to care for your scalp. The first step is to identify any underlying scalp issues and find out how to get your scalp back in shape.

Scalp issues can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Find out more about these and how to tackle...

Over half the global population deals with dandruff at some point in their life. It’s useful to have some idea of what exactly you’re dealing with.
Use our guides to learn more about other more severe scalp conditions you might experience, like seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis, and how to take care of them.
Beyond flaking, you may suffer from other scalp concerns, like Dry Scalp, Itchy Scalp, or Sensitivity. Find out more about these and how to tackle them here.