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The benefits of charcoal for your hair

Charcoal isn’t just for the fireplace any more. Already a firm favorite in skincare, it’s now made another leap: into your shampoo.

Charcoal is a simple form of carbon derived from plant matter.

Its deep cleansing properties have led to its use in fine cosmetics – and it’s now being featured in Head & Shoulders shampoo.

Why charcoal?

Products with charcoal are known for:
- Binding to dirt and toxins
- Removing pollutants and excess oil
- Cleaning pores

This makes charcoal a natural fit with the deep cleaning power of Head & Shoulders.

Charcoal in Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Men Ultra with Charcoal boasts the dandruff-fighting power of Head & Shoulders plus a deep, long lasting clean.

Using charcoal sourced from bamboo – known for its absorptive properties – this boosted formula is designed to deal with the excess oil and irritants that cause dandruff.

This charcoal shampoo is particularly great if you use hair products, as it will help to prevent the buildup that can lead to irritation and itching.

Head & Shoulders Men Ultra with Charcoal has a triple action formula that protects your scalp, removes dirt and oil, and leaves you with a long lasting deep clean feeling.

With a formula that includes cooling menthol, you can also look forward to the feeling of a fresh scalp, and healthy-looking, flake-free* hair all day long.

*visible flakes from a distance of 2 feet; with regular use