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Why is my hair greasy and what makes it worse?

Your hair can start to look greasy between washes, but sometimes it can get too greasy, too quickly. What factors can make greasy hair look worse? 

1. Sports and exercise 

Exercising makes you sweat and this sweat travels down your hair fibres, spreadingscalp oils and dirt down the hair with it, making your hair look greasier. 

Make sure to shampoo your hair thoroughly after working out to remove the sticky oils that make your fibres look clumped & greasy. Our Citrus Fresh 2-in-1 is perfect to use after exercise to help eliminate sweat and keep your oily scalp under control. 

2. Styling products 

Gels and other heavy styling products are particularly likely to make your hair appear greasy if you overdo it. Product build-up can also lead to a greasy appearance, and potentially cause scalp irritation, so make sure to thoroughly wash styling products from your hair. 

3. Not washing your hair regularly enough 

It’s important to wash your hair regularly to remove the build-up of oils, product and sweat from the scalp. 

Not only can the build-up cause your hair to look greasier, it can also lead to irritation, and even dandruff. 

That’s because between washes, these substances accumulate and can break down into other compounds that may aggravate your scalp. 

4. Using the wrong shampoo 

If your hair tends to get greasy quickly, avoid shampoo versions that promise to deliver more shine and moisture.  These products frequently contain high levels of conditioning ingredients that can weigh the hair down, contributing to a greasy appearance.   

You should use a shampoo that helps to keep greasy hair at bay. Our Citrus Fresh Shampoo helps control hair and scalp oils between washes and fights dandruff to keep your hair looking beautiful. 

5. Weather conditions 

Hot, humid weather will naturally make you sweat more, leading to a greasier-looking scalp and hair. You might notice that you need to wash your hair more at some times of year than others. 

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Infographic explaining the causes of oily and greasy hair