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Why Do Teens Get Dandruff?

Teenage years can be tough, and the stress of dandruff doesn’t help. But why are teens so likely to experience dandruff? 

Blame the hormones! 

During your teenage years, your hormones are raging, so just as you’re more prone to acne, you’re more prone to dandruff.

The naturally-occurring microbe on the scalp, Malassezia globosa, breaks down oils into substances including oleic acid, which can irritate the scalp and cause dandruff for some people.

Because you start producing more scalp oils during adolescence, the microbe produces more irritating substances.

To put it simply, more scalp oils = more irritation.

When you’re irritated by dandruff, the skin cells multiply more quickly than normal to replace the damaged cells. This is what leads to the visible flakes of skin that are recognizable as a symptom of dandruff. 

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There’s an easy way to treat dandruff 

Dandruff is a sensitive issue during teen years. You don’t want to turn up to class with white flakes on your shoulders! 

Whether it turns out to be a passing phase or the start or a prolonged dandruff problem, don’t let dandruff get you down – it’s simple to keep it under control. 

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Head & Shoulders helps put a stop to dandruff fast. 

It starts working straight away, so use it as soon as you notice the symptoms of dandruff and it will fight the flakes and itch.

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