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How to get rid of dandruff at home: 2 minutes a day

Getting rid of dandruff is easy. In fact, it takes just two minutes to stay dandruff-free at home* with our super simple shower routine. Here’s how …

Woman cleaning her long hair and washing head scalp by her hands.

Apply the dandruff-fighting ingredient 

It starts the same as any other routine – lather in the shampoo. Do it with Head & Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo and you’ll be lathering in the most proven active ingredient - Piroctone Olamine

It’s where your shampoo comes into its own, and as you lather up, you’ll be depositing anti-dandruff actives on the scalp, where they’re needed most. 

Goodbye flakes 

Time to rinse. Your shampoo will bind to the dirt, grease and oil that have built up, as well as loose flakes, and then rinse them out. 

But the anti-dandruff action doesn’t stop there – Piroctone Olamine actives are left behind to keep on working when you get out of the shower. 

Smooth, conditioned hair 

Like a separate conditioner too? Well, make sure it’s the right one. Most ordinary conditioners will wash away the Piroctone Olamine left on the scalp, so you’ll lose a lot of the anti-dandruff protection. 

Not with an anti-dandruff conditioner

These have been designed to work hand in hand with anti-dandruff shampoo, so they leave your hair well conditioned and also leave behind the Piroctone Olamine to maximize your protection against dandruff

Check out our anti-dandruff conditioners 

Easy on the towel drying! 

If you reach straight for your towel after you’ve washed your hair, be careful. Vigorous towel drying is a recipe for knotted and even broken hair. 

Try to pat it dry with a towel and wipe away any excess water. 

Go easy on the hairdryer too and don’t use the high heat setting – too much heat can dry out the hair and scalp and may even boil the water molecules inside the hair strand

This can lead to permanent damage, referred to as “bubble hair”, based on the way it looks under the microscope. Those areas are pretty weak too, so the hair can easily break off. 

So, there you have it – 2 minutes a day to get rid of dandruff

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* Visible flakes, with regular use