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Dandruff And Puberty

Teenage years can be tough, and you don’t need the stress of dandruff too. But why are teens likely to experience dandruff and what can you do about it?

Dandruff is caused by the naturally occurring microbe Malassezia globosa that breaks your scalp oils down into other substances.

Some people are sensitive to these substances, and their skin’s reaction is to hyper-proliferate – produce new cells at an accelerated rate.

This is what causes dandruff: excess dead skin cells accumulate on the scalp and hair as flakes, often falling off onto your shoulders.


Voice breaking, acne, dandruff … they’re all due to a spike in hormones.

Hormones are responsible for all of the changes that our bodies go through. During our teenage years, hormone levels are high, contributing to the production of more skin oils, or sebum.

On your scalp, these oils are broken down into potentially irritating substances. So, more scalp oils = more irritation.


It might be the start of a prolonged dandruff problem, or it could just be a passing phase that’s triggered by the temporary change in your hormone & sebum levels. It really depends on the person, as some people are much more prone than others.

It can’t be cured, but dandruff can easily and effectively be controlled with the right products.

Head & Shoulders shampoos and conditioners leave your hair up to 100% flake free* and looking great. So, use one every time you wash your hair and you won’t have to worry about flakes on your shoulders, or any damage to your hair and scalp from dandruff.

Why not give Head & Shoulders Shampoo a try, or perhaps our 2 in 1 range that’s specially designed to give a deep clean – perfect after a particularly sweaty sports practice.

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* visible flakes, with regular use

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