Our Partnership With Rising Rap Star Kelvyn Colt

When it comes to being ready to hit the scene, who better to partner with than rap star on the rise Kelvyn Colt?

Our latest campaign is all about having the confidence to go out and perform at your best, letting nothing hold you back.

So when it came to finding the right music track to live alongside the campaign, we knew we needed to find someone with this profile.

Rapper Kelvyn Colt is fast becoming a big name in the industry.

But that kind of success is never easy – for Kelvyn, it meant dropping out of law school to pursue his dream.

With lyrics that talk about making the most of every opportunity that comes knocking, Kelvyn is the perfect representative for the campaign’s bold, positive attitude.

The kind of attitude that responds to naysayers with a confident ‘Just Watch Me’.

And it’s not just us – since Kelvyn’s track ‘Just Watch Me’ has attracted a lot of attention since appearing on our adverts, and we’ve had lots of questions from viewers who want to know who he is and how they can get their hands on the track.

The good news is that Kelvyn’s track will be released on 29th June by Sony Music – stay tuned for more details.

Here is a teaser till then…

Kelvyn Colt