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Shampoo For Oily Hair

Greasy hair needs to be treated with a shampoo that not only cleans your hair but clarifies it to lift the dirt and oil build-up.


Oily hair occurs when the body produces too much sebum – the scalp’s natural oil which keeps the skin moisturized and the hair supple. An overproduction of sebum causes your hair to appear limp and oily.

Oily hair can also be exacerbated or made to look worse by:

  • Using styling products and sprays every day

  • Washing too infrequently

  • Frequent scalp touching  (eg. scratching or running fingers through your hair)

  • Smog and pollution

  • Humid weather

  • Hormonal changes


If you have particularly oily hair, you will need to make sure your hair care routine doesn’t make it worse.

Therefore, make sure you do the following:

  • Wash frequently - 3x a week on average (more if you have fine or thin hair that tends to be oily, less if you have curly or coarse hair that tends to be dry)

  • Wash your hair after exercise as sweat spreads oil down your hair fibers

  • Avoid over-brushing or touching your scalp too much; this spreads sticky scalp oils and makes fibers clump together, appearing dirty.

  • Use non-greasy styling products


The best defense against oily hair is to use a shampoo that deeply cleanses your scalp,  and leaves your hair feeling soft.

Our Citrus Fresh Shampoo is perfect for deeply cleansing dirt and oil, while leaving your hair free from dandruff1 and conditioned, so it looks and smells beautiful.

For especially oily hair, use Instant Oil Control to instantly clarify your hair. The formula with mango essence combats stubborn oil and dirt without drying hair out.

Your scalp is left moisturized and your hair is soft to the touch, with a fantastic scent.

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Shampoo For Oily Hair