Introducing Our Ambassador, Celebrity Stylist Kade Kut

For #JustWatchMe stylist Kade Kut, being a barber is about so much more than a boring trim or “just a simple short back and sides”. For Kade, and for Head & Shoulders, a scalp in great shape can be turned into the perfect canvas for a work of art.

We believe that there’s a certain psychology to wearing awe-inspiring, scalp brave hairstyles. If you’re used to hiding your hair away in hats or your same old hairstyle because of dandruff, finding yourself flake-free and looking gorgeous might just spur you on to try something daring…

At Head & Shoulders, we want to give everyone a flake-free scalp they’d be happy to showcase, even with the most ‘out there’ hairstyles. If you’re up to the challenge, you have to start by getting your hair and scalp in perfect shape.

Once you’ve taken care of dandruff and any scalp issues and you’re feeling and looking fantastic, you won’t be able to resist showing your hair off with a bold style.

Need some inspiration? Enter Kade Kut, creator of some of the coolest scalp brave styles in the UK.

Who is Kade Kut?

We’ve been working with Kade since 2018 after scouring the country for the most exciting, innovative barbers.

We found Kade in Bedford after checking out who had been winning the UK’s most prestigious barbering awards. Kade’s CV is pretty impressive, racking up the finalist’s spot or higher in 25 different competitions.

But it was when we saw why Kade had been winning that we knew he’d make the perfect ambassador for Head & Shoulders scalp brave styles.

Kade creates epic pattern-based hairstyles. Intricately shaved in, the artwork he creates on people’s scalps allows them to express their personality in a whole new way, taking cues from their interests and loves to make their hairstyle a true statement of who they are.

That’s something you can only do if you have total scalp confidence and you’re sure that your style won’t be marred by visible flakes.

Head & Shoulders leaves you up to 100% flake free* and gives you the perfect base for an epic patterned hairstyle à la Kade.

The ultimate football fans

One group of people that really express themselves through their hair is football fans, who regularly paint their hair in their team colours to show their support.

But how about creating the team crest on your scalp?

This was the perfect challenge for Kade. Check out the magnificent styles he created for 2018’s biggest football event…


We are super excited to be working with Kade over the coming months and can’t wait to see what awesome scalp brave styles he creates next.

Like Kade’s style? Head over to our Instagram channel for lots of scalp brave inspiration from Kade and our other celebrity ambassadors.

*Visible flakes, from 2 ft.