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Safe. Effective. Kind.

Your safety is our number one priority.

Since 1964, we’ve made it our mission to create gentle, effective products that work to treat dandruff while treating your hair and scalp with uncompromising care.

When we craft our dandruff-fighting formulas, we work closely with the leading industry experts and independent dermatologists’ associations like the Skin Health Alliance to make sure our products are kind to your skin and hair.

Endorsed by British Skin Foundation

Our products are made for those who expect the best from their haircare.

We safety-test each individual ingredient using a similar process to independent bodies like the World Health Organisation. In addition, we meticulously evaluate the whole product to make sure it’s safe, kind and effective.

It might sound painstaking, but it’s a non-negotiable part of our everyday, so our products can be part of yours.

Safety and performance. With no compromise.

Our products will never make you choose between safety and performance, because we know that you care about being kind to your skin as much as you care about finding an effective solution to dandruff.

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Find out about our safety processes

We’re 100% committed to making sure our products are safe for you to use every day. To turn that promise into a reality, we use this four-step safety process whenever we develop a formula. Flip to find out more.

Before any ingredient goes into our shampoos and conditioners, we gather all the relevant information on the ingredient. If we have any doubts about its safety then we don’t use it.

After we look at the safety data on the ingredients, we set a safe range for each of them.
We carefully establish safe ranges for all our ingredients, using a scientific process similar to other agencies, such as the World Health Organisation.

Evaluating each ingredient individually isn’t enough, so we also double check the final formula of our product, to make sure the safe range is met during use.

Once our new shampoo or conditioner is out in the market, we continually monitor your comments about our product and any new scientific information that comes out about the ingredients.

How we test

’In vitro’ literally means ‘in glass’ and refers to tests done at the start of product development under controlled conditioners in the lab.

These tests ensure that our products provide benefits like smoothness and manageability for your hair. They’re done in the lab, and sometimes by giving people a sample to take home. 

These studies observe the product in use, either in the lab or at home. Here we test things like the amount of active ingredients deposited from a shampoo or conditioner. 

Clinical tests have to be impartial, so are always conducted by an independent grader at an external lab. The tests include important measurements of safety and effectiveness, like flake reduction and moisture measurements.

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We’ve been working to create gentle, effective products for over sixty years. We're driven by one mission: to solve your scalp worries for good.