Piroctone olamine is an active, dandruff-fighting ingredient used in some of our shampoos.

How does it work?

Piroctone olamine has anti-fungal properties that make it ideal for controlling the root cause of dandruff, a commonly occurring fungus called Malassezia globosa.

The fungus occurs naturally on everyone’s scalp, but some people are sensitive to the chemicals it produces. The skin becomes irritated, and the body reacts by rapidly shedding skin to try and get rid of the irritant, causing flaking. Stopping this process is the key to stopping dandruff.

We use piroctone olamine (PO) in our shampoos because it’s an effective active ingredient which targets not just the symptoms of dandruff, but its root cause – Malassezia globosa.

Unlike some other dandruff actives you may have heard of, piroctone olamine has a special chemical structure that is easy to dissolve in our shampoo formula, which means that we can design the product to give your hair extra benefits like smoothness and softness.

All this means that not only do you get the anti-dandruff properties you’d expect from Head & Shoulders shampoo, but hair that’s great looking and delightfully soft too.