Head & Shoulders has spent decades not only fighting the good fight against dandruff, but also developing products that are designed to keep your hair in great shape. We discovered that a big part of having great hair is taking care of your scalp. In fact, using Head & Shoulders shampoo regularly is clinically proven to improve the quality of the hair that grows from your scalp.


At Head & Shoulders, we also understand that people have diverse hair care needs. That’s why we created a full range shampoos and conditioners to address a variety of needs. While all of them target dandruff, some work better for dry hair, some for greasy. And some are designed to help nourish and soften damaged hair. Explore more below.

Dyed and coloured hair needs a little extra care to make sure it looks its best and doesn’t fade. Find out how you can keep your colours bright.
Dealing with damaged hair doesn’t need to be a chore. If dandruff and damaged hair are a concern for you, make sure you’re choosing products which can target both.
Soft, smooth and healthy; it’s all we want from our hair. And with a little help, it’s possible. Especially for dandruff sufferers, soft and healthy hair can seem like a distant goal.
A big part of having smooth hair is having a healthy scalp. Your scalp is the foundation of your hair- it supplies the growing hair with everything that it needs at this early stage.
Find out about what causes oily hair and how to deal with a ‘greasy’ hair look quickly and easily with our expert tips and advice.