Beautiful hair

At Head & Shoulders it's our job to get rid of dandruff, but we also believe that having great-looking hair can help give you that extra confidence boost.

Of course, healthy looking hair starts with the scalp. Just like plants need fertile soil to grow, your hair needs your scalp to be in shape to be at its best. That’s because when your scalp’s in good condition it’s better at caring for growing hair fibers, so new hair can grow strong and with less damage.

In the following articles we've put together everything you need for taking care of your hair - from setting out the perfect routine for your hair type to choosing the right products. Read on for all our hints and tips!

Think a good hair routine is as simple as wash and go? There’s little more to it than that.
Different people have diverse haircare needs. Keep reading and find out what you can do to answer your specific hair needs.
Learn more about how differences in hair follicle shape lead to the diversity in hair types we see.