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Fragrance free shampoo: is perfume free shampoo the answer?

If you’ve experienced scalp sensitivity, you may have wondered about shampoo safety, or even considered switching to a fragrance-free shampoo. Before you buy your next shampoo, let’s dig into the research.

Quite a lot of people describe their skin as “sensitive.” In a scientific survey, it was the third most common area of the body where people reported to experience sensitivity, after the face and hands. 

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Sensitive skin is easily triggered by outside factors. which can vary from person to person.

At Head & Shoulders, we understand that some people’s skin is sensitive to specific fragrance ingredients; that’s why we developed Head & Shoulders Purely Gentle daily shampoo.

This hypoallergenic, dye free, and fragrance-free shampoo has undergone additional dermatological testing, so you can be confident that it is suitable for sensitive scalps.

How do we ensure product safety? 

Like with any other product you use on your skin, it’s crucial to look at its safety first. All Head & Shoulders products must go through a rigorous, four-step safety testing process before any product goes to market.

This process involves the following:

Step 1: We gather all the relevant information about the ingredients that go into our shampoos and conditioners. We look at the ingredient’s toxicity, and if there’s any indication it’s unsafe, we simply don’t use it.

Step 2: Here we determine how much of an ingredient we can use by applying the same processes used by the FDA, WHO, and other regulatory bodies.

Step 3: Because looking at the ingredients alone is only the beginning, we also test the final product formula. And if this doesn’t pass the test, we go back to the drawing board.

Step 4: Even after our products go to market, we keep monitoring them with the help of regulatory bodies.

Finally, Head & Shoulders is also committed to clinical testing, so you can trust that our products are both safe and effective. That’s why we’ve conducted over 225 clinical tests at independent research facilities around the globe, to deliver products that you and your family can count on.