New Head & Shoulders takes on leading beauty shampoos

A dandruff shampoo that cares for your hair like a leading beauty shampoo? Meet the new tri-action Head & Shoulders…

The days when people thought anti-dandruff shampoos were harsh on hair are over, thanks to our new shampoo that puts it on the same level as some of the most popular beauty shampoos.

It follows an upgrade across all our shampoos that introduces a new tri-action formula with the dandruff protection you expect from Head & Shoulders.1

Cleanse, protect, moisturise – the new way to care for your scalp

The upgrade takes its inspiration from leading skin care products and cares for your scalp in 3 steps:

  • Cleanses – with gentle cleansing agents that wash away dandruff flakes, grease and oil to leave your hair noticeably cleaner
  • Protects – the new formula with micro-minerals protects your hair and scalp against dandruff damage between washes- long after you’ve finished rinsing - so your hair can grow from a healthier foundation
  • Moisturises – it instantly delivers extra conditioning to leave your hair feeling soft and smooth while the formula with micro-minerals help to care for your scalp and lock in more moisture

A more delightful shampoo can lead to better dandruff control

Dandruff shampoos can only work if you use them…but in the past many people didn’t, or didn’t use them often enough to keep dandruff from coming back. 

They were disappointed by dandruff shampoos that seemed harsh and left their hair feeling dried out.

That’s why a great dandruff shampoo should do more than fight flakes. 

New tri-action Head & Shoulders changes people think about dandruff shampoos. The unique formula contains micro-minerals that are 8 times smaller and finer than before. 

This big change lets Head & Shoulders provide the rich lather, effortless detangling, and healthy-looking, moisturised hair that you expect from beauty shampoos…plus one thing a beauty shampoo can’t provide: hair and scalp that are up to 100% flake free2.

1 vs. competitive dandruff shampoos with 1% pyrithione zinc 
2 visible flakes from a distance of 2ft away; with regular use