Drying your hair is probably something you take for granted. But doing it wrong can cause damage and a frizzy look.

Head & Shoulders shampoo helps keep your hair smooth, silky and dandruff free – but if you damage it by not drying it properly, then you’re basically take one step forward and two back.

It’s not just your hair you need to worry about: your after-shower drying routine can have a negative impact on your scalp, as well.

Blow drying and other heat intensive ways of treating hair can make it difficult to keep your hair in good condition.

Luckily, we’ve got the resources you need to help avoid the dreaded damage and frizz.

How to blow dry hair properly

Blow drying your hair is quick and convenient, but can also cause damage to your hair and scalp.

With some tips from Head & Shoulders, you’ll be able to blow dry your hair, while keeping it looking healthy and feeling great.

Blow drying and the link to dandruff

As we’ve mentioned, blow drying can damage your hair – but is there a link between blow drying and dandruff?

Find out exactly how blow drying can damage your hair, whether it contributes to dandruff, and how Head & Shoulders can help you get your hair back to its best.

Heat damage – how to stop it

Whether it’s from a blow dryer or curling tongs, heat can have a profound effect on your hair.

Luckily, we have plenty of suggestions of how you can avoid damaging your hair with heat, as well as the best ways to rescue heat damaged hair.