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Suprême Purify & Volume Shampoo
Suprême Purify & Volume Shampoo
rating: 0.00/5
Purifying shampoo Suprême Purify & Volume - 400 ml bottle

Suprême Purify & Volume Shampoo

rating: 0.00/50% recommended
  • Gently treat your hair & scalp like your skin. This 0% silicone anti-dandruff shampoo formula will leave your hair thoroughly cleansed, full of volume and flake free (Up to 100% visible flakes with regular use).

  • Blended formula with different anti-dandruff ingredient that is gentle to hair.

  • With moisturising agents and argan oil.

  • Formulated with no unwanted ingredients: 0% Silicones, 0% Parabens, 0% Phosphates, 0% Paraffins, 0% Colourants.

  • For hair full of volume.

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