Skin Health Alliance

Head & Shoulders is accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, which certifies our shampoos are skin safe. Here’s the information you need on how we achieved that, and what it means for your scalp and hair.

At Head & Shoulders we strongly believe that a good scalp can make newly born hair better. Because of that, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into understanding the relationship between the two, and also in learning how to improve your scalp while treating flakes and other scalp issues.

Our efforts and products are recognised by the Skin Health Alliance, who have given Head & Shoulders their prestigious accreditation. But what does that actually mean for you and your hair and scalp health? Read on…

Skin Health Alliance

Who are the Skin Health Care Alliance?

The Skin Health Care Alliance is an independent not-for-profit organisation that works with international dermatologists, scientists, and those in the industry with a common interest in the promotion of healthy skin.

The Skin Health Care Alliance is dedicated to recognising and awarding products, services, and brands which pass the meticulous tests by independent dermatologists with their logo. This means that anything they endorse has been tested and approved by dermatology professionals as being skin safe.

How does the Skin Health Care Alliance test products?

They start with a scientific review which is performed by their team of independent dermatologists. During the review, they analyse a product’s research, including a thorough assessment of ingredients, clinical trials data, and proof of efficacy. Once accreditation is awarded, it’s subject to an annual licensing agreement, so products need to continue to hold up the high standards that won them the accreditation.

Any brand that’s achieved their stamp of approval, and is a brand dermatologists recommend, will carry their logo as a sign of reassurance that they’ve met the most stringent safety requirements. These aren’t set by us, but are agreed upon by the independent team or dermatologists and skin scientists, so it carries some weight as a marker of excellence.

Their accreditation helps you identify products that have been verified as skin safe.

It also guarantees that the science behind a product is thorough, based on scientific evidence and that the product has met - or surpassed - both local and international regulatory standards.

If you’re concerned about environmental damage caused by the manufacturing process, the Skin Health Care Alliance has that covered, too. One for their criterion is that products must be environmentally friendly and not harm the environment at any stage in its development, manufacture, or disposal.


Why does the Skin Health Care Alliance endorse Head & Shoulders?

Head & Shoulders has been accredited by independent dermatologists, so rest assured that every time you reach for Head & Shoulders, you’re using a brand that’s been tried and thoroughly tested. It’s proven to simultaneously work at reducing dandruff while also caring for the skin on your scalp.

Additionally, to the Skin Health Care Alliance endorsement, we test all our products through up to 225 clinical studies and tests before they hit the shelves. So, every time you pick up one of our iconic products you can stay confident it will be efficacious against flake and kind to your skin.